OGC is able to create “on site” prefabricated plants in the workshop, in particular the company has a high experience in plants production and pre-assembled packages on skids.

OGC has developed and acquired in recent years a valid experience in the design and “turnkey” supply of package plants mainly for the Oil & Gas sector.

Among the various types of package systems that OGC is able to create, there are some main types for which OGC is specialized, including:

 – Gas treatment plants (filtration / separation / reduction / measurement)

 – Electric heaters

 – Indirect water bath heaters

 – Deoling systems

 – Nitrogen production plants

 – Dosing systems in general

 – Pumping and water recovery systems

 – Launch and reception traps for Gas & Crude Oil

 – Oil desalination plants

 – Package plants in general

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