The optimization of engineering also in view of the needs of the market, have directed us towards the production of electrical power boards and control panels.

We are equipped to meet the customer’s requests, offering a complete service from engineering, construction, installation and testing.

Design is the first phase for defining the characteristics of the finished product.

Through a scrupulous collection of information aimed at creating the best possible product for the needs of our customers, and a careful analysis during the engineering phase, we are able to provide particularly comprehensive documentation:

– Electrical design

– 2D / 3D systems lay out

– Calculation of the overtemperature limits

– Calculation of the short-circuit withstand

– Development of functional and / or logic

– Specifications of tests and inspections

– Electrical checks



The choice to expand the sectors of intervention that the property carried out in recent years has not affected the electro-instrumental sector, which is always actual and in continuous improvement and evolution.

The activity of assembly and maintenance of electro-instrumental systems within an industrial plant remains a positive experience which, with the specialization acquired over the years, has given a positive impetus to the organization of the OGC operating structure.

The installation of electro-instrumental systems is entrusted to specialized assembly technicians.

The following types of systems are carried out:

– Waterproof systems (IP)

– Explosion-proof systems (Eexd)

– Increased safety systems (Eexa)

– Intrinsically safe systems (Eexi)

The activities that are carried out are:

– Electrical power and control connections

– Instrumental connections

– Primary instrument process connections

– Secondary pneumatic connections

– Air distribution networks for instrumentation services

– Power cable paths, electrical connections

– Lighting systems, FM, services

– Release of declarations of conformity of the systems according to current regulations

– Issue of ATEX assembly certifications for systems on SKID.

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